I love saving money on games.  It frees up my wallet to purchase…you guessed it, more games!  If you’ve been lacking in your Sims 2 collection, then head on over to your local Walmart.  I cannot tell at this moment if it is a special or if it’s going to be the final price (I assume it’s the latter as other locations are dropping the price), but Wally-Mart is selling the games for $15 bucks.

Guess it appears that since there will be no more expansions (just a stuff pack) and the fact that The Sims 3 is around the corner, EA decided to drop the price of the games to clear the shelves.  So if you need to purchase a few packs that you’re behind on, or if you want to get some Christmas shopping / presents for that special someone, then Wal-Mart should be the place you check first!

You can even order them online through Walmart.com