Apartment Life is most similar to The Sims 2’s first expansion pack, University. In University, Sim teens can add an extra phase of life – young adult – by attending college. Living in an apartment building in Apartment Life is a lot like living in the dormitories in University – only as an adult, with the ability to have children.

Just like non-playing character (NPC) dormmates in University, your Sim family may have up to three other families living on the same lot in inaccessible portions of the building. How does this benefit you in any way? First, instead of randomly generated NPCs, you can populate the apartment building with your own playable families. Further, if your Sims are concerned with popularity, having other Sims around for interaction really helps a decaying social meter. With the new reputation meter in Apartment Life, however, social interaction matters to everyone – not just socially minded Popularity Sims.

Most of you are probably enjoying the pack, but I’m still left without it.  It looks to be a great expansion, no doubt at that.  I’m just to cheap to purchase it for $30.  I still need to pick up Ikea Stuff as well.  But I’m holding off until Toys R Us has the Sim games on clearance for half off, then I’ll make my steal 🙂

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