On Wii, the game is very simple to control: it’s all done by pointing and waggling. Not loads of confusing gestures, just… shake, really. You shake to rub the bear’s tummy. You point and click to pick him up. And then you throw him across the level in to the water.

One of the more interesting elements is the potential balancing act in the game, with the different needs of the animals, which ones you’ll actually want to stick around, and things like if the beaver builds his dam, it’s going to stop the water flow to later areas, is the type of land right for the tree that’ll have the food the bird wants and oh, what’s that? The bear has taken an interest in the bird? This is the middle of a demo, damn it bear, let the nice man show us the rest of the game, we’ll just pick up the bird and throw it over ther-

…ah, the bird just got eaten. I think we fed it to the bear.

I am confused on this game.  It could either be a huge hit or a massive flop.  My mind keeps changing thanks to the different articles on the game.  Maybe it just needs more time and information.  However, I do know that if I do get the game, the first thing I’ll make sure to do would be to toss and drown every little virtual critter in the game 😛  Mwhahaha I’m such an ass.

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