Once you’re up and winging around the galaxy, you’ll discover that things never settle into the redundant rhythms that held the other stages back. Each time you seem to get a handle on an activity such as carting different colored spices between planets for cash or terraforming inhospitable planets (transforming them to make them capable of sustaining life) prior to launching colony pods, the game throws something new and unexpected at you.

Trying to get one of your online buddies to try out Spore?  Send them a link to the following article on PC World.  They take you thru a 14 page (they are short) breakdown of the game.  Surely after reading this, they’ll finally be able to decide if the game is right for them or not (and if they don’t agree, you could always beat them up…as long as they aren’t bigger than you!).

PC World – Spore, The Year’s most Anticipated PC Game