“Spore is probably the coolest, most interesting toy I have ever experienced,” says Seth Schiesel in today’s Times. “But it’s not a great game, and that is something quite different.” Schiesel takes issue with the way Spore is split up into mini-games, some not as good as others: “The real frustration with Spore is that the team behind it was capable of such high achievement in the areas it focused on, while other parts languished.” Also: “There are the inexplicable lapses in basic functionality, like the absence of an auto-save feature. The first time the program crashes, probably in the space phase, and you realize that hours of effort have been lost, you’ll be mad. The second time, you may quit forever.”

Okay, so I guess I can agree with you a little bit, Seth.  Auto-save feature option should of been included.  But saying Spore isn’t the best game…Come on now, you know that is false.  It blows every single game to bits and pieces.  Alright, I admit that is a huge exaggeration…I don’t believe any game should be the greatest game ever.  You either have bad games or good games.  Spore can be classified in the latter.  I guess you win, Mr. Schiesel.  It’s still kicks ass though. 🙂

New York Entertainment – Is Spore not that Great?