*Bahhhhhh*….I want to play Spore, Sunday is too far away.  Soon, everyone will get their hands on the game, and I cannot wait for that day.  I might just take Monday off from work so I can have more time to play!  I don’t think my boss would like that idea though.  I’d have to think of an excuse…I got…er…Spore-gitius.  That’s right.  Don’t feel good and it’s really contagious.  I think I’ll stay home.

Below is hands on at PAX with Spore thanks to JoyStiq:

But is the game coming out a bit too late, or just in time? It feels like it’s starting to wear out its welcome just a bit. Like that house guest that just won’t leave, is Spore in danger of becoming a bore? German gamer mags have already given the game fairly disappointing scores, and in all honesty, we were ready to leave our demo early, even though we went hands-on with the whole thing. Find out why after the break.

PAX 2008 hands-on: Spore, have we seen enough already?