Everybody loves to save cash, the more we save, the more we can use it to buy…more videogames!  But for those people that live “down under”, the game is already expensive enough as it is.  So be a smart shopper and look around for the best deal!  Thanks to Palgn, they compiled a list of the best deals that are available for Spore.

With that out the way, the standard edition of Spore will be only $74 at Big W, while two alternative options are Kmart and JB Hi-Fi, who are charging $79. Continuing the trend, Spore Creatures for the DS is only $48.84 at Big W, with Kmart being the next best option at $49.95. Unfortunately there are no specials available for the Galactic Edition of the game, though it is noteworthy that GAME are apparently charging $139.95 for it while most other stores are selling it for $119.95.

Visit their website to see a complete list of bargins!