You can check out a Love/Hate review of Spore over at Kotaku.


Deep Space: When you finally arrive there, space isn’t just another phase in the game, it is the game. That’s not saying that those first four stages of gameplay were an elaborate tutorial, not at all. Each offers a unique take on a well-known genre. And each is fun in its own right. But they’re very streamlined takes on gaming, very straight forward. Space, on the other hand, offers endless play and deep possibilities. Alien abduction, inter-galactic warfare, spice trade, city building, planet molding: Space is where it’s at.


I’m Walking Sideways Because I’ve Used Up All My Up And Down: It is a spectacular sight the first time you break free of your planet’s gravitational pull and slide into space. Even more awe-inspiring is your first zoom out from planet to galaxy to universe. Imagine, you likely think, I can go to every one of those tiny dots of lights and raze cities and exterminate entire species. But after a handful of hours of traveling between galaxies, zooming in to planets, zooming down to the surface, it starts to get tedious. My species can now travel through black holes, it has planet busting bombs, but they still haven’t figured out how to trade spice without dipping down to the planet’s atmosphere. Tragic.

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