DS Fanboy published an interview with Griptonite Game’s studio head, J.C. Connors.  I thought the game was created in-house by Maxis, so this is a surprise to me!  So I guess this is the reason why the handheld games don’t do too well…Here are a few questions from the interview:

DSF: Did you have much interaction with the main Spore team?

Conners: Yes – we have a great relationship with Maxis. We’ve worked with them for years now, dating back to The Sims: Bustin’ Out on GBA. Our teams share ideas constantly, and it’s always fun to see which ways we influence each other.

DSF: Were there any other influences on the design of Spore Creatures other than Spore itself?

Conners: There were definitely some artistic influences on the look of the game that differed greatly from the PC version. Early on, Maxis and Griptonite decided to take a more “shadowbox” approach to the creature design. Not only did this approach use the DS’s horsepower better, but it made the game stand out from the PC game.

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