The interface is just your floating hand cursor and strips of icons that can be summoned from the screen edges. Pick up a withered bush from a dried-out spot of land, drop it near a river and happiness will ooze out of it – at the moment this is represented by smiley faces, which you can click on to be transported to their source. The burrow of rabbits living nearby may also be quite pleased, as they’ll have something nice to munch on, and they’ll multiply. But too much munching will harm the plant, releasing unhappy vibes into the air. The game world carries on regardless of what part you’re looking at. You’ll be notified if something important happens.

At first, I thought SimAnimals would be a great game…but the more that I read into it, it seems as if it will lack re-playability after an hour.  Please don’t let that be the case!

GamesRadar – SimAnimals preview