If you are still stumbling on Spore and still have a few questions of your own, then run to the Forbes website.  They break down 10 things everyone should know about Spore.  Most of us hardcore Spore followers will know all the things already, but for the ones that have jumped on the bandwagon, then this is for you.  Here’s an example:

6. Is “Spore” a game you play on the Web with your friends–or something you do on your own?

Wright and company wanted to create a living “Spore” universe filled with boundless variety. Only by outsourcing creature creation to the general public would “Spore” create the illusion of infinite possibility. That means the creatures, buildings or vehicles of other creators might pop up in your universe–“Spore” is packed with powerful creation tools. But because “Spore” only shares the designs, players won’t have to worry about other humans mucking up their universe’s feng shui. So “Spore” benefits from user-generated content while remaining a single player experience.

Forbes:  10 Things you should know about Spore