Looks as if The Sims 3 website has received a new facelift!  Not only that, but they also added new items to the site.  You can now find blogs that will be written in the future by developers of the game.  Oh, and they have also uploaded a few new wallpapers and buddy icons.  Last but not least, I *think* they added a few new pictures.  So head on over to the official Sims 3 website!

Ben Bell’s Blog Post

When I got home, I decided to find out what my wife really thinks of me. I asked her to make me in the game and assign traits to me. I said “Keep it real, don’t pull any punches.” I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by what she put together.  She said that she would assign “Easily Bored” to me, which was not a surprise. She also gave me the “Athletic” trait because I like to race bikes. She said that I had a “Good Sense of Humor”. At this point I was feeling pretty confident…but then she brought out the “Vain” trait and put me in my place.

VIP Section

If you want to gain access to the VIP section of The Sims 3 website, then sign up!  However, in the meantime use the code 62643 to access it.  You’ll find a blog post from Rod Humble as well as a secret wallpaper.

Thanks to Wifeee and InfiniteSims for the discovery!