In order for your wandolier to create new items, such as stairs, furniture, or even gears, you need a magic scroll that will tell you what essences you need to collect. Magic scrolls will appear when you need them, although sometimes you’ll need to socialize with a character to get him or her to hand them over. Socializing involves going through a series of motions without annoying the other person, which is similar to how it works in The Sims, to build a relationship. Once you have the required essence collected, your friend Lyndsay will put the ingredients in a magic bag and…poof! You’ve gained the ability to make pipes. We had the opportunity to build houses and decorate the interior, but when we weren’t building things, we were fixing things. It seemed like we always came across some sort of contraption that wasn’t working. Using gears, pipes, and belts, we had to connect the flour mill to the windmill so that it would start spinning again. On another island, we had to use belts to connect the mechanical bull to the power source so that it would work. These tasks are like puzzles because you have to make sure the pieces will fit, which can take a bit of trial and error.

 I think I will make a note to purchase this game.  It’ll be my first MySims experience and it’s shaping up to look like it will be a great one.  Speaking of MySims, has anyone played the first one?  How has it entertained you?  I’m wondering if I should pick it up for the Wii or just wait for the PC version.

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