If you head to Kotaku, you can catch a liveblog with Will Wright at Comic Con 2008 giving his presentation on Spore.  I had to skim thru it but I will read it when I get home.

As we move around the galaxy, Will zooms in and out smoothly, heading toward distant stars — “This one’s a T-1” — and beginning the terraforming process on one of the star’s planets. He establishes a colony, adding to their happiness with a newly built Happiness Booster. It’s one of those long rubber tube-men that whips about outside car dealerships thanks to a jet of air. Again, crowd laughs.

A spacefarer passing by initiates a trade discussion with Will’s race. Wright drops diplomacy in favor of blowing the living bejeezus out of their home planet with a massive bomb. The bomb was so intense, it even blew up the moon orbiting it. Will is mean!

Liveblogging Will Wright Discussing His Inner Otaku At Comic-Con