Since I work with ManagerJosh from UOEM in my spare time, I thought I would share with you a link to his preview for The Sims 3.  It contains the same information as the rest, except for the fact that he touches base with Maxis on the subject of SecuROM (after I kept persisting him and urging him to ask before he went).  Here is what he has to say:

SecuROM and System Requirements
So let’s get down to business and talk Sims 3. Several webmasters, including myself, have had increasing concerns about the recent revelations about SecuROM and its increasing restrictions upon gamers. We were even more concerned about the possibility that EA may very well limit how many times we could install and reinstall The Sims 3. The simple fact is that for The Sims, we simply install, and reinstall at quite a sheer volume or rate. We raised that concern with The Sims 3 team and Rod Humble, however at present, there were no firm decisions on whether they would even use SecuROM or anything else for that matter.

For those wondering what the system requirements will be, again, the game has not been finalized and thus nothing’s here yet. The goal is still to make it to a wide and accessible audience as possible with fine tuning at a later date. So if you’re reading just for the sake of knowing what The Sims 3 System Requirements are, you may stop now.

Check out the rest of his preview here!