Spores Illustrated has posted about a new email that was sent out for those that subscribed to the official Spore site.  For some reason, it didn’t make it to my inbox.  It’s a newsletter about the Spore Creature Creator and it contains 4 videos to help you use it

Build Tutorial Video:
Watch animator/artist John Cimino as he walks you through the basics of creating a creature from scratch. Then, you’ll see how some of the advanced controls work, such as separating and copying parts.

Paint Tutorial Video:
Follow animator/artist John Cimino on a path that guides you through the points of painting a creature. You’ll gain a working knowledge of how to add colors to your creations.

Test Drive Tutorial:
Producer Emily Modde gives you a tour of the features of the Test Drive mode. Discover different ways to play with creatures and how to share your creations via email and YouTube.com!

Advanced Creature Creation:
Assistant Producer Theresa Duringer uses advanced Creature Creator control to bring a realistic creature to life. You’ll take a step-by-step journey through the process of making the life-like Mantis with SPORE™ Creature Creator.

Check out the newsletter