It’s July, and E3 is coming up in a few more weeks, so get ready for tons of news on Spore and The Sims 3.  For today, we have IGN’s Pre-E3 Spore hands-on which details the Civilization Stage of the game:

The strategy in civilization mode is to build vehicles to capture spice nodes, which gives you money to upgrade your city and build more vehicles. Each city has a limited number of build nodes, so what you decide to place on each node determines what type of strategy to pursue. For instance, a factory would let you churn out more units faster. Taking over other cities can be done in different ways. There’s the regular military conquest idea, where you build vehicles and aircraft and bulldoze the opposition. But there’s also a spiritual method of conversion, which can be done by constructing special units that basically roll up outside a city and start blasting them with propaganda. In Spore’s case, it’s a giant holographic version of your creature.

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