Goodbye, The Sims OnlineAugust is 1 day away, and if you’ve been following the news, you’d know that EA Land (formely The Sims Online) is shutting down.  Maggie “AutumnKiss” Olsen, an avid player, gives her farewell thoughts on the game.

After reading her article, I wish I had spent more time with the game.  I only played it for a month and lost interest due to the lack of the ability to create custom content…

It was the players who made this game what it was. The Sims Online, later known as EA Land, was not a game in which you grouped together and went out to kill or maim mobs while progressing through dungeons for loot drops. No… this was a social game. One of gathering with friends and creating your own entertainment. EA did not provide players with guides on how to be entertained; they provided tools with which players could devise their own. Some called it a glorified chat room. Others called it genius. I call it a part of my life I’ll never forget; a pivotal moment in my life that spanned 5 years.

Along the way, I met some very amazing people, many of whom I still chat with today. Even after I quit playing the game several years ago, I was a part of the community – and I will always be a part of this community. Just as they will always be a part of me. To those who were always there for me, I thank you. For those whom I was able to be there for, I thank you. Each and every one of you has been one of the bricks that have supported me these last five years as I have journeyed on my path, and I will never forget you.

Allakhazam – The Sims Online – The Finale