I don’t know why, but everytime I check upon Spore related message boards, a lot of hate is thrown towards the version for the DS, Spore Creatures.  “It’s too cartoony”, “The DS isn’t powerful enough”, “Gameplay looks extremely dull”.  While you are all entitled to your own opinion, there hasn’t been much information to throughly judge the game.

Well, NintendoWorld brings to you a preview for the game.

The game’s premise is straightforward enough. You play as a newly-hatched slug creature named Oogie, who can be augmented with a variety of mouths, arms, legs, and other appendages using a simplified version of the creature creator. Attaching parts allows you to attack, increase your defense or mobility, or improve your social abilities. Your creature can be altered at any nest (save point). In the full game you collect better parts as you progress, but the E3 demo provided many parts to fool around with. I played through the tutorial, designed to familiarize players with the many menu options and icons found in the game. Your sister slug, who acts as your guide during this sequence, is suddenly abducted by an evil alien flying in a UFO, providing the game’s plot. Oogie eventually explores a variety of planets in his adventure.

I can actually see myself picking up a copy of this game….If I played my DS.  It has been collecting dust for a long time waiting for some game to come along and trap me into playing it.  Could this be it?  I’ll wait and see!

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