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The Sims 3 Trailer Preview

Details from EA’s Press Conference


Fargo: So for all the fans out there who’ve invested a lot of time in Sims 2, what would you say the big selling points are with Sims 3? What’s going to make people hungry to upgrade?

Humble: We’ve brought in a lot of Sims 2 players to play Sims 3 as we’ve been developing it — ‘cuz we’re not going to mess this one up! [Laughs] — so we’re pretty confident we’re delivering what our customers want. We’re definitely Sims players as well, and the first thing we did was take away things that annoyed us.

Fargo: Such as?

Humble: The biggest thing that annoyed us, frankly, were the loading times. “Why am I stuck on this lot?” The power to be able to just see what your neighbors are doing — things are happening around the whole town — is huge. You get these ripple effects: “Why is this person running down the street? Oh! There was a car accident they’re running away from. And now they’re bumping into that person…” You see these ripple effects happen, and it’s a real, simulated little world. It’s really cool!

I’d say that a lot of our customers are really interested in making things in the game and customization. We’ve made it a lot easier to upload to the exchange [the online Sims content repository]. We’ve also deepened the ability to customize objects. So if you want to change the pattern on this table to, let’s say, the texture of my trousers, you can do that. Not only that, but you can map it to the wallpaper, and even your car. We have lots of furry cars that people are building, like tiger-skinned cars! So you can do it to just about everything.

GameSpy:   Sims 3 Interview: Fun With Kleptomania  (thanks a ton, Oki!)

Beyond the updated look of the Sims shown in the trailer–more detailed than in the previous games, though still inhabiting that familiar Sim style–it’s sort of tough to tell how the game will play. During the presentation, EA did mention that players will have full customization over any object in the world. In addition, your Sims will have his or her own traits in the game–such as a love for cars, or a fear of commitment–and all of these traits will add up to a more dynamic world than the series has seen before. As producers put it, if something happens on one side of town, it might affect another event in an entirely different part of town, such as word spreading about the rock concert.

GameSpot – The Sims 3 First Look

Bigger does promise to be better in the case of The Sims 3. Instead of hitting a load screen whenever you leave a lot, you can seamlessly go around the town. There are also a lot more sims to interact with. At this point, the game almost seems like it’s venturing into SimTown territory, but we’ll have to wait to find out more. That’s all EA showed, but that should be enough to keep sims fans wanting.

IGN – EA Teases The Sims 3


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Details from EA’s Press Conference

  • (3:11 EST) Riccitiello is on the state to show us EA’s largest ever press week.
  • (3:11 EST) They’re going to take a different approach. No powerpoint, no reference to market share. They are going to have the people who make the games show you the games who make them.
  • (3:11 EST) He’s going to introduce us to 12 people, starting with Rod Humble, head of the Sims studio.
  • (3:14 EST) He’s showing off some of the creations made by users in The Sims.
  • (3:14 EST) Sims 2 that is
  • (3:14 EST) Sims 3 is coming 2009
  • (3:15 EST) Sims 3 will have the most complex characters ever put into a video game. These have their own personalities. Just like real life one thing happens on one side of town that impacts the other side of town.
  • (3:16 EST) Showing us gameplay now.
  • (3:17 EST) Graphics look pretty amazing, as does the level of depth. They’re showing a sim jogging through a town filled with sims. They’re talking to each other, calling each other on cell phones, partying at a concert.
  • (3:17 EST) It’s like OC the game.

Source:  Brian Crecente of Kotaku