Sporenormous (one of my new favorite Spore sites) reports that PrimaGames has let loose details on a limited edition of Spore.  Not sure if this is an official limited edition or one that they came up with, but I will be eyeballing this for my purchase.  Here are the goodies:

  • Spore 101: Learn everything you need to know to evolve your spore from a single-celled creature to a space-faring race.
  • Removeable Poster: Huge poster of exclusive Spore art.
  • Exclusive Access: Prima has exclusive access to the entire team, from the designers to Will Wright himself.
  • Removeable Lithographs: Exclusive Spore art ready to be framed or just put on your wall for all to see.
  • Coffee Table Collectable: This beautiful gel-filled, hardback will be sure to please collectors and fans alike.

I’ve never bought a game in a limited edition before…but I have a feeling this will set me back a pretty penny.  But I’d love to have a poster for my office at work and the lithographs!