I’m pretty sure this is a new video, it came from a new hands-on article over at AppScout.

After a quick demo, EA handed the reins over to PC Magazine Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff, who quickly began the creation process. It’s fascinating to watch. There’s an impressive amount of intelligence built into the Creator–it’s based on a procedural animation rather than traditional animation, meaning that new creatures instantly react to the traits that you give them.

Spore offers an impressive amount of customization–colors, styles, textures, limbs, mouths, and highly customizable spines. Change the legs, and the animal will have a completely different gait. Reshape the mouth, and its call will change entirely. EA did a quick scroll through the creatures that had already been created in-house by beta testers, and by the aforementioned offspring of employees. The sheer number and variety of creations is impressive, especially in light of the fact that the game has yet to launch publicly.

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