I cannot draw.  Nope, I have no artistic talent when it comes to drawing – I can’t even draw a stick figure!  Thank god for the Spore Creature Creator!  Even though I cannot draw, I can show off my artistic ability using this tool, and so can you!

Clive Thompson over at Wired shares my same problem.  However, by using the Creature Creator, he managed to create a character in about 6 minutes:

And like I said, it took only six and a half minutes.

Think for a second about how remarkable this is. When it comes to art and design, I am your Average Joe. I have only rudimentary sketching and visualization skills, and precisely zero experience with CAD software that animators use to craft Pixar-like animals. Yet in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee, I had created a completely awesome-looking 3-D creature.

Spore‘s Creature Creator, in other words, is doing something quite interesting and unexpected: It’s de-skilling 3-D design.

Congratulations, Clive.  As for the rest of you, start unleashing your wild side and see what your imagination can bring you!

Wired – Spore Releases the Pixar in You