Head on over to IGN as they have a 3 page interview on the latest MySims game in the series, MySims Kingdom.  I’m not familiar with the original MySims, and I doubt this one will make me pay attention to it either.

To be honest I am more of an Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon fan when it comes to simulation games on consoles.

IGN: Give us an idea of what you might be doing your first day with MySims Kingdom.

Tim: Your first day playing the game, you’d probably spend an hour to an hour and a half exploring the Capital Island and learning how to do everything in the game. When you start out, you have humble beginnings. You’re encouraged to enter a contest to become the king’s wandalier — and wandalier is a word we’ve made up. Now, because your character is visible during the construction experience, we’ve sort of made it a power, so you get the king’s scepter and you go into a contest. Not only is it all gameplay and progressing the story, but it’s also our tutorial where we teach you how to do everything. We teach you how to construct, how to interact with the world, we teach you how to get tasks and talk to the citizens. But you become the wandalier and you get this scepter, which allows you to build.

One of the other things we’ve added is much more economy to the essence collection. Last year they were all pretty equal. Now there’s a rarity of scale and you’re using different essences for different items and to solve different problems. There’s still that nice combination of running around the world and collecting and unlocking stuff and then progressing to the story.

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