Jesus Christ, EA!  How much money do you want from us?  How many times do you plan to milk us dry until we decide to just quit all together?  Surfing around various forums (as well as SnootySims), a survey on the main site was posted on the possibility of a Sims 2 Store.

The Sims 2 Store describes itself to be an online website in which you can purchase themed sets, objects or clothes with either cash or “SimPoints” – probably something similar to Wii Points for the Nintendo Wii.  Each download will cost a certain amount and folks can choose whether to spend points to buy it. 

I have to ask, why?  I mean we already have 7 expansions and 7 stuff packs.  Expansions are fine – stuff packs is pushing it a little but I suppose I can let that slide.  However, the fact that we now will have to purchase downloads created by Maxis instead of downloading them from the exchange that we often did in the good ol’ days?  I don’t think so!  If that is the case, I’d just stick with fan sites and if they ask for a donation I’ll send them my money.  You’ve gotten enough of my cash already, EA.