First and foremost, curvy roads. That’s right, SimCity Creator will mark the first SimCity game ever to feature curvy roads. No longer will you be forced to use clever zoning patterns as your signature; you will now be able to literally write your name in your domain with concrete. You just draw on the map with the Wii Remote and boom! There is your curvy road. Of course, this doesn’t mean every road will be curvaceous. You’ll still have normal tools for gridlike avenues, should you require them. But you probably won’t because zones will now automatically come with their own roads built into them.

This is possible because you can now create zones by either drawing enclosed shapes or using one of the shaped zone-creation tools. You simply choose circle, stretch the circle shape over the area you want, and presto! That circle is now low density residential. But how much residential do you want? You’ll have cute advisors from the MySims games to tell you.

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