Even though the focus of the game is pets, this is still very much a Sims game. You have a fully customizable avatar and apartment, and the money you make treating animals at the spa can be spent on everything from wallpaper to hot tubs. The selection of ovens alone is impressive. But when you aren’t decking out your crib, you’re taking care of animals that are, in turn, thrashing it. Now, as somebody who cares for animals, you’ll be tending to a lot of pets that aren’t your own at your apartment; people will trust you to take care of their Mr. Slippies and Snuggle Bears. So even though you will eventually acquire one of every pet type that is actually yours, you’ll have many different birds, bunnies, and dogs throughout the game.

However, you will only ever have one of any given type of animal at a time, so you won’t be able to keep 47 cats in one room until the smell draws animal control and your character goes to jail. Indeed, Apartment Pets is a kid-friendly game, so nothing remotely bad can possibly happen. The very worst possibility will be that an animal doesn’t like you very much.

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