has published a new preview for The Sims 3.  Much information has already been available but it is nice to hear the views from others.

The open-world, or ‘neighbourhood’, as The Sims 3 calls it, is perhaps the main innovation Maxis will be pushing as the game’s 2009 debut nears. Specifics give way to the general at present, but we do know that this idea will see players following their Sims around town, going to work, meeting friends, bumping into enemies and making new chums – all in a living breathing world that will offer more opportunities for activity and engagement than past games in the venerable series. This includes visiting other people’s homes, or checking out other buildings and external locations, such as the park. We’re thinking of a sort of family-friendly Grand Theft Auto at the moment, though this is probably some-way off the truth.

Storytelling will form an important part of The Sims 3, the game’s creators working hard to ensure every little life you foster is unique and interesting in new ways, via multitudinous combinations of environmental and random factors. What we can be sure of is that Sims’ will now have far greater opportunities than before.

I do have to agree with the opening statement of the preview about the fact that if there was no Sims or Warcraft, PC gaming would be a small community…just take a look at the NPD’s that come out every month for the game’s sales.  Sims and Warcraft dominate the charts.