You can find a list of the Top 20 Women in the Gaming Industry over at Gamasutra.  2 women were picked from The Sims series, Lucy Bradshaw (Executive Producer of The Sims and Spore) and Robin Hunicke (Lead Game Designer for MySims).  I send out my congratulations to them.  I am surprised however to not see Caryl Shaw’s name on the list…hopefully she will be considered next time!

What Gamasutra had to say about Lucy Bradshaw:

Major accomplishments

Bradshaw’s personal management style has been crucial to the development of The Sims as gamers know it today — the series recently named the best-selling PC game of all time, with over six million copies shipped to date.


Working side by side with Will Wright, Bradshaw will be bringing her positive, encouraging approach to Spore, a game already heralded for its unique approach to world-building and god games.

Gamers will be able to see the full impact of Bradshaw’s innovative influence when Spore is realized this September.

What Gamasutra had to say about Robin Hunicke:


Hunicke is not only innovative in being a enthusiastic, youthful voice for female game developers working with the industry’s biggest publishers — she also brings a touch of innovation to her games.

MySims, her Sims Wii title, was the first in the series to steer away from the game’s accepted character design and take a more stylized, child-like approach, rejuvenating the much-loved gaming staple.

Check out the Top 20 List here