I wish sites would stop reporting about this already! The more I read, the more jealous I become. Oh well, I’ll wait my turn along with you all. In the meantime, Joystiq shares their impression on the Creature Creator.

There’s virtually no learning curve to the creator. It’s stupendously intuitive. Without even a shred of guidance, we were instantly resizing a colorful floating blob to form the body of our creature. This was the full version of the creator, so we had access to all of the various creature parts it ships with (the free edition contains only a quarter of them).

There was virtually zero guesswork involved in grasping which parts were better at what, whether it was mouths made for eating only meat but gave your creature a combat advantage or an herbivore maw that was better for singing, and thus socializing. Parts are broken down into mouths, eyes, arms, legs, hands, feet, and extras. They’re all displayed in their own tabbed windows, and you can place them anywhere you’d like on your base creature shape. Your only limits are cost (each part carries a certain DNA point price, and you have a “starting balance”) and complexity (an on-screen indicator lets you know when you’re tricked your beast out to the max).

Joystiq hands on with Spore Creature Creator