The co-founder of Maxis (moved away from EA in 1997) gives his thought on Will Wright’s upcoming Spore game in a recent interview with Cordweekly:

Spore: a game about creating life itself, and evolving into a universe ruling species – itself seemed to interest Braun a lot too – not only because its his former colleague and friend creating it – but also because it’s somewhat of an experiment in what exactly the market is ready for. “I just don’t know if it will be as popular like Grand Theft Auto. It really is getting into esoteric subjects that are definitely not on the top of people’s minds – like evolution, biology and all the things he’s covering in there. I think The Sims was a lot closer to home than building planets and universes.”

In spite of this, Braun concluded that “I don’t think Will cares. He designs it for himself and if everybody else appreciates it then that’s great. If nobody else does, that’s okay too. He’s not trying to craft something for the market, he’s crafting it for himself.”

He also mentions the piracy protection on Spore. 

He also figures that while many in the industry have shouted about the death of the PC as a gaming platform because of rampant piracy often attributed to universities around the world because of the fast networks available – as overblown nonsense. “It never really bothered me because I always thought of it as free advertising.” Braun also noted the recent backlash against proposed copy-protection techniques to be employed by Electronic Arts on Will Wright’s upcoming title Spore. He figured they were just too tight, “but that’s EA.”

 Ha!  That cracks me up!  Now we just need to find out what Will thinks…but I don’t think he’ll come clean with his own opinion.  After all, EA is funding his work!

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