GameOn shares their idea on what it would be like if EA suddenly went *poof* and vanished.  They had some great points in their article.  An example is how EA is strongly dependant on Will Wright’s franchises.  If they disappeared, we wouldn’t be seeing pack after pack after pack of Sim games. 

In fact the only game I could name off the top of my head that’s of any significance coming from EA in the next six months is Wright’s Spore. Sure, that one’s probably going to raise the sun and lasso the moon and set all the celestial bodies into alignment, but you don’t build an innovation empire on the back of one guy who turns out just two or three genuinely clever hits over the space of two decades.

I’m in the middle of this subject.  I am sick of seeing some of EA’s games turning out to be horrible.  The Simpsons Game was one.  I was thrilled when I heard about that game as I hoped for it to bring back the glory days of the past Simpsons games.  However, what we got was huge with flaws and had pretty bad controls.

However, without EA, there is no doubt that we would ever see Spore.  EA has poured a lot of money into the game, and if Maxis was just a standalone company, I highly doubt they would be able to afford all of the time they spent on it.

What Would Happen if Electronic Arts Just Went Away?