The funny thing is Smith doesn’t consider herself a typical gamer. She prefers casual games, like Pogo. When she escapes to her home in Laguna Beach, there is no sign of her life at EA. She didn’t even let her son, now 17, get spoiled.

“I only let him play video games on weekends,” said Smith, who hid the console away during the week. “For years, he thought the PlayStation was something I brought home from work every weekend.”

Orange County Register has posted a short bio on Nancy Smith, the president of The Sims Division.  She seems to be a down-to-earth kind of being.  I do have to step out and disagree with the fact of letting her 17 year old only play video games on the weekend. 

I mean, yeah, she shows that she can be a well-responsible mom, but if I was that teen I’d go nuts.  He must have other things to keep him occupied such as friends…..something I’m not too familiar with 😛

However, I wouldn’t put it past me that he has a DS or PSP hidden underneath his mattress along with his Playboy magazine.  Uh-oh….look’s like I’m going to get somebody into trouble!

Sims president an O.C. native