Well, how was your weekend?  I made a jackass out of myself.  This past saturday was the 2008 Mule Day event up in Columbia, Tennesee.  It’s the biggest Mule event for the east coast and it was jammed packed.

Sam and I

Talk about crazy…Mules were everywhere.  They even had “Sam the Mule” at Walmart.  Being the huge nerd that I am, I had to have a picture made.

Rednecks were everywhere, so it wasn’t hard for me to fit in.  In fact, the family and I got to ride in the parade with one of Tennessee’s biggest mule trainer redneck, Bobby Taylor (who I purchased my mule from).  Here are some pictures of the huge event.  In fact, one mule was so exhausted it decided to plop right down for a nap.