In fact, by the time the 3D engine was created, the studio already had The Sims 3 up and running in its entirety – as a fully playable 2D game. Every piece of the design was implemented in this prototype, from character personalities to object interactions, careers and so on. It may only have been made of labelled squares and circles, but the 2D version includes the entire town – and was so advanced that the team even used it to try out some user interface ideas.

The Sims 3 has been in development for quite some time.  In fact, many tests and prototypes were created to see what new functions could be added.  Did you know the game actually started off as 2D based before jumping into 3D?  I’ve always been interested in the beginning stages of the game….I’d love to see some of the early builds even if it is in 2D and consists of a bunch of blocks and squares. – Prototyping The Sims 3