Rod Humble, Head of the Sims Divisions seems to be a nice guy.  But when you introduce supernatural aspects to Sim games, he’ll engage in a fury of rage knocking over magazine racks and throwing glitter in random people’s face.

Ok, so that is stretching it.  However, in a short Sims 3 Q&A from 1UP, Rod mentions that he can not stand seeing supernatural aspects in The Sims series, but he’ll sacrifice his hate if it means for us to get what we want. 

1UP Community: The supernatural aspects of TS1 and TS2 have always been some of my favorite game features. Will you continue adding supernatural features in The Sims 3?

BB: The supernatural aspects in The Sims games have always been fan favorites, not to mention favorites within our studio! We’re creating some fun surprises new and old fans are going to love in The Sims 3. [Editor’s Note: Of course, love of the supernatural isn’t unanimous. “I personally absolutely hate everything supernatural in The Sims 2,” laughed Sims Studio head Rod Humble during GFW‘s cover story visit, “but the team loves putting it in by way of mocking. So the expansion pack team now designates, ‘What supernatural thing do we put in to piss off Rod?’ Because I really, really hate it.”

If I ever get a chance to visit Rod Humble, I wonder what he would do if I gave him all of the Harry Potter novels…;)

1UP Previews The Sims 3 – Q&A with Rod Humble