Overall, the game is very similar to Animal Crossing, challenging players to build their village into a beautiful town while encouraging outsiders to join your community. And, just as in Animal Crossing, the more you put into My Sims the more you’ll get out of it, meaning there’s plenty of un-lockable paints and items. The residents will from time to time ask you to do tasks for them, normally building items such as an ornament that you will then be rewarded for. As you progress you’ll be able to unlock new tools like crowbars and pickaxes, which allow you access new areas for either town-building or item-finding. Essences are an important aspect of My Sims. Players can fish, dig, and harvest objects that range from magic 8-balls to apples. After locating one of the objects, you can add it to the item you’re building, or use it as a colored paint (a much preferable option). Players will find some objects just walking around town. But to get the better, more valuable, objects, you’ll need to broaden your search. Essences not only add a different look/color, but also a personality to your item such as fun, geeky, spooky, etc. You’ll learn to use different objects depending on the Sim you’re making.

I’m not sure why there is a review for a game that has been out for a while, but The Source Weekly has their review up for the game and rates it a 3 out of 5 stars.  I’ve yet to have the pleasure of trying the game out myself, but I’ll look into it when I can find a copy for less than $20.  Besides, my Wii time is occupied with Brawl.

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