IGN has the scoop on the details of the Spore Creature Creator coming this June! 

There will be 2 versions.  One will be a trial version which contains 25% of the creature making parts from Spore and this version will be made free to download at www.spore.com and it will also be packed into the SimCity box. 

The 2nd version is the better deal as it will include 100% of the parts.  It will be at retail as a stand-alone product this June around the same time The SimCity Box is released.  No price has been announced, but I’m sure it will be about $10.

IGN: So can you confirm the Spore Creature Creator will be in the SimCity Box when it ships in June?

Patrick Buechner: A trial version of the Spore Creature creator will be available for free through a variety of sources including as a download from Spore.com and in The SimCity Box. There will also be a version of the Creature Creator available at retail. The free Creature Creator has about 25-percent of the creature making parts from Spore. The retail version will have 100-percent. It’s up to the players to choose which version they want, but they’ll all be available at approximately the same time.

IGN: What’s going to be in the Creature Creator? Just the creature creation portion and the “test drive”? There’s no game content?

Patrick Buechner: The Creature Creator functions identically to the creator you’ll find in Spore. You’ll be able to create an unlimited number of creatures. Mold them, apply body parts, [and] paint them. Once you’ve made a creature, you can bring it into a test area where you can walk it around and try a variety of animations. While you’re in test mode, you’ll also be able to take movies and screenshots on a few different backdrops.

You can find a lot more details from IGN’s interview with Patrick Buechner, vice president of marketing at Maxis. 

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