I would love to one day check out a Sci-Fi convention. I’m not a hardcore sci-fi fan but I do enjoy Stargate, Eureka, Dr. Who and many movies. For you that live in London, the London Internation Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film will be in your area next month.

Not only will you get to enjoy many activities from films and shows, but games will make an appearance. Yes, Spore will be there. EA is set to showcase a couple of their games according to this CVG article. It’s even possible that you can even get a chance to play Spore.

It’s not been nailed down which games will be playable yet, but upon picking up the blower an event spokesperson told CVG “most of them” will be available for hands-on time. We’ve already played Spore and Dead Space, so it sounds likely.

Tickets cost £10. If anyone plans to attend, do you think you could pick me up a Dalek figure?