Many EA games already have implemented IGA’s (In-game Advertisements) in their software, but they’ve yet to add it into one of their biggest franchises yet, The Sims. Well, that might change when it comes to The Sims 3. It appears that EA has re-newed a deal with Massive to continue having in-game ads in their games.

“What we’ve found in all of our research is that with sports games, in-game advertising actually adds to the authenticity of the game,” said Cox. “That’s sort of an easy way to do things. With other games like Need for Speed, you’re in this open world, so it still can add to the authenticity. It’s more just figuring out where you draw that line about the number of times a gamer sees that ad.”

“We’re never going to put ads in Harry Potter,” Cox laughed, reiterating that gamer comfort with the in-game advertising is EA’s primary focus.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with this. Should it be? The whole goal for The Sims is to be based on realism, and having ads will do the trick. It’s games like Spore or other non-realistic genre’s that I do not want the ads to appear.

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