Huge Nintendo fan here. This is going to be troublesome indeed. Not only will Spore be coming to PC, but I also have to look out for Spore for Wii as well as the DS. Luckily, the Spore release for Wii isn’t simultaneously released with the PC and DS version. has interviewed Maxis Producer Caryl Shaw during the Spore Spain presentation. She noted that the Wii version is in in the design stage and that it won’t be the same as the PC version. Check out the article for more information.

RG: Ok, so we’ve been said that the Wii version is not coming at launch…

CS: Right.

RG: … so maybe it’s going to 2009?

April (EA PR): The Wii version, we have no date for it, so we have no idea. Just initial design stage. We love the Wii, but we’re not ready to announce anything yet.

CS: Will (Wright) loves the Wii. He plays the Wii more than any other. So I think as soon as we started talking about if we should make Spore on the Wii, he was like “Oh, let’s make Spore on the Wii!” He’s very excited about it. We’re very focused right know on making the best PC game that we can, so finishing the game that I showed you and making that be the game that “sums it all” and have people, you know, fall in love with that. And then wanna look at other platforms and make games more appropriate. I mean the DS game is different because the DS is a different platform, well like the Wii, and we all know how different the Wii is.

Source – Revogamer’s Spore Spain Presentation interview