IGN gained an oppurtunity today to breifly chat with Maxis’ Executive Producer Lucy Bradshaw and Senior Producer Morgan Roarty about Spore. The interview is still currently being added to the site, but a few of the questions are already on the page.

IGN: We’ve been waiting for this release date for a long time now, why September 7th?

Lucy Bradshaw: Really what we’re talking about is setting a launch date that we can do a worldwide launch and lining up for that with some of the key elements that we have that we’ll be releasing along the line. To be frank, one of the things that we’ve been investing and you saw at the studio tour is making sure that we’ve got the product to the quality that we want particularly for the audience we’ve have in mind. A lot of time has been spent early on in that technology phase, later on in that overall design phase to make sure that we had these five really disparate games feeling like this overall seamless journey. Now we’re in that final tuning, tweaking, polish and getting it to that state that really makes for a solid product that we want to launch.

By the time you read this, they very well may have the full interview up. IGN: Maxis Talks Spore