As with every Maxis/Sims game, there is a Community Manager to interact with the fans. In Spore’s case, this manager is known as MaxisCactus. They left a note for us fans:

Hey Everyone,

I’m MaxisCactus, Community Manager on Spore. I’ve been working on Spore here at the Maxis team for a bit over a year now, and I’m very excited about bringing you new information about this game. I’ll be here to fill you in on the latest updates as they become available.

Many of you have created amazing websites that are devoted to bringing information to the larger Spore fan base. Your contributions have helped garner a lot of support for this project, and have helped to generate much of the enthusiasm that’s circulating about Spore. It’s great to see so much excitement being surfaced through your efforts.

I know you’ve all been waiting to hear when this game will launch, and I’m very excited to tell you that the official ship date for Spore is September 7th, 2008! You are free to post this information on your own sites to let fans know when they can look forward to playing the game.

Also, is now featuring a new movie about our game, so don’t forget to take a look here:

For those of you craving more eye candy, or just a peek into the game, keep a look out for several new assets that will be posted to in the next few days. These will include creature pictures as well as game play screenshots which you can also post up on your own sites.

Community Manager
Electronic Arts