The Sims has always been a game where your Sims can form romantic relationships with anyone, allowing for players to simulate and tell their own stories without any barriers.

In fact, The Sims 2 was where I first learnt about gay relationships with the Curious family in the form of a joint union!

Coming in a new base game update when The Sims 4 High School Years launches, you will be able to actually set the sexual orientation of your Sims right in Create A Sim! This will allow you to have control over who they are romantically attracted to, if they are open to exploring romantically, and who they will mess around with.

Sexual Orientation update

One important item to note is that the only options are “Men” and “Women”, despite the new pronouns update. This has been confirmed to be due to technical limitations, since The Sims 4 is 8 years old and was built with gender binaries. But, even with this in mind, this is an excellent addition to the game and I’m excited to see it get launched.

You can read the official blog post with all of the details by clicking here, which also explains how everything will work in more detail!

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