I have always been a huge fan of soundtracks that are created for video games. In many cases, they are some of the most memorable pieces of the experience and easily fuel the feelings of nostalgia when you listen back to them.

The Sims soundtracks have always been iconic from the very first iteration of the franchise, to the spin-offs of The Sims Medieval, and through to present day with The Sims 4.

With this in mind, and as there are so many different Sims games, I have put together a playlist of all of the available Sims tracks from all of the main Sims video games (and a few spin-offs too!) so that they’re all in one place!

Now you can listen to all of your favourites in one playlist. Be sure to take a listen below or check it out on Spotify by clicking here, and let me know what your favourite Sims track is.

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