The Sims Mobile

This is perhaps one of the most heartwarming and wholesome stories that I have seen floating around the Simming community for a while now.

The Sims Mobile, released in 2018, is popular amongst Simmers and casual gamers alike. But The Sims has always been known for bringing people together. Some people met their partners through the Simming community, others have made friends, and for many it’s a way to spend time together.

On Twitter, Kendall Lorenzo shared a heartwarming tweet of both of her parents playing The Sims Mobile together. Apparently they do this every night and they are currently trying to get both of their Sims to be married to each other.

How adorable is this? It’s one of many examples of how The Sims, and video games in general, bring people together in different ways.

Kendall declares herself as the ‘bitlife queen’, so maybe the next step is to get her hooked to The Sims Mobile so that it can become a family activity! This has certainly put a smile on our faces!


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