Have you noticed all of the strange tweets from SimGuru’s over the last few days? Like this…

Or perhaps this…

You’ve probably been wondering what the heck is going on.

Well, the answer to your question is right here. The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack! This game pack, which is the first in almost a year, allows you to start your investigation and solve the mystery of a desert town that holds a deep, dark secret.

A new town, StrangerVille, will be arriving with this game pack. This is a brand new rural desert town where you will encounter weird weather, dangerous plants, creepy towns folk and much more. As your Sim starts to immerse themselves in this world, they will notice unmarked vans appearing in neighbourhoods… so it’s all sounding a little Men-in-Black here to me.

Using their military training, you can have your Sims investigate using their military training and search for clues to solve a mystery that lies within the secret lab. You will be able to get your Sims in the mood to solve mysteries with desert inspired clothing and military items, as well as various conspiracy-themed clothing, secret agent attire and even a hazmat suit!

It certainly seems like The Sims team have been heavily inspired by The Sims 2 world of Strangetown, and perhaps this new game pack will have some overlap and references to this world. From first impressions, such as the trailer and this description, I am undecided on what I think of this pack – mostly because I am not huge on quest-related gameplay and that is the vibe I am getting from the information we have so far.

I love the idea of exploring another desert world, in addition to the already existing Oasis Springs, and bringing something more mysterious and less realistic to the game. I am just hoping it has been done in a way that suits the world of The Sims.

For those who are excited for The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack, it will be launching on PC and Mac on the 26th February 2019 – yes, that’s NEXT WEEK! While not currently confirmed, I am sure that it will eventually make its way to consoles in the near future too.

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