It’s time for your Sims to Get Famous in The Sims 4, as another expansion pack has been revealed and is coming in 16th November 2018! This is the second time that we have received two expansions in one year for The Sims 4, as in previous years we received one (City Living in 2016, Cats & Dogs in 2017).

What is The Sims 4 Get Famous? Apart from having a shockingly bad name (what is the obsession with “Get” / basic names?), it looks like it will dazzle us and will be an exciting pack as you guide your Sims down the path of fame and become a celebrity.

WATCH: The official trailer for The Sims 4 Get Famous

Hungry for more? You can learn even more about the expansion pack in the official blog post from The Sims team!

As always, we will be bringing you the latest news for the pack as it becomes available!


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