The first ever Maxis Monthly was hosted today at 7pm BST / 11am PDT and it didn’t fall short of expectations. We were promised to be shown a sneak peek at content, and the team delivered!

Starting off the stream, Kate and co. showcased some of the content from the community (including the Llama Drama podcast by myself and Rachybop – you should totally check that out), amongst others.

This was followed by The Sims Mobile being discussed, which has recently launched the awesome Waterfront update, and then we went onto the moment everyone was waiting for… The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 October patch has been delayed so that the features and content can be polished for release. While there is no ETA at the moment, this is due to come soon in the future. It’s great to see the team being transparent and open with the community, and also put quality first instead of just pushing out content for the sake of it (Ball pit gate anyone?).

The hype continued from here as the team previewed a brand new career which will be coming to The Sims 4 – the Style Influencer! This is a stay-at-home job and also involves a new art tablet as a way to increase the painting skill in-game – how cool is that?! We can’t wait to see what people get up to with this career!

Then, the biggest bombshell dropped. But it wasn’t even acknowledged by anyone on the stream. SimGuruRomeo started showing off TERRAIN TOOLS which are still yet to appear in The Sims 4. YES! YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! You will soon be able to mould and shape terrain to your hearts content in-game, although no further information was provided. We were, however, told to keep an eye on social channels next week and that there will be another live stream on the 11th October.

How excited are you for The Sims 4 future content and also the latest from The Sims Mobile and FreePlay?!

Let us know on here, social media and YouTube! We will, as always, bring you the latest news as we get it at!


  1. This is fantastic news for those that have The Sims 4, and will make a huge difference in the gameplay! For those of us who didn’t get it because it was too cut down too begin with it is a case of being far too late in the game (sorry!) to start buying it now. The cost would be enormous in one lump sum! It’s great that they are finally putting all these things back into the game at last and it gives me great hope that The Sims 5 will be good. All that’s really missing now is the Open Neighbourhood, which from what I’ve read is just not possible in The Sims 4 engine, so again I wait in hope for The Sims 5…

    Long live the Sims! (Well until you delete the pool ladder!)


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