As a big thank you to everyone for your support for, but also the growing YouTube channel, I wanted to do a little giveaway. EA UK sent me two copies of The Sims 4 + Seasons bundle and you could win!

Watch the video below to find out how and leave a comment on the video OR on this post before the 25th September 2018, and you could be randomly selected to win!


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I am looking forward to seeing all the new features in this version and being able to play this game with my friends and family.


The idea of winning is rather appealing, I have been a sims fan since its beginning. But have not been able to play it since Sims 2 due to an outmoded PC 🙁
Good Luck to all 🙂


finally we get weather in the sims I can’t wait

Samuel Monro

Me and my fiancee love playing sims together and would love to play the seasons expansion!


I’m looking forward to all the different seasons and different types of gameplay in each season. Especially Winterfest! That looks like a ton of fun! I’m really excited about all the different activities that each season has to offer.